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Departments: Probation
415 Liberty Street, Suite 126
Penn Yan, New York 14527

Telephone: 315-536-5155
FAX: 315-536-5508

The Yates County Probation Department performs vital, mandated functions in both the Criminal and Family Court systems. Regulatory oversight and partial reimbursement comes from the NYS Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives. Probation is the most frequently used alternative to incarceration and the most common sentence imposed by courts in this country.

Supervision Individuals sentenced to probation are monitored for compliance with court imposed conditions. Referrals are made to treatment agencies based upon the individualís needs. Electronic monitoring and community service provide additional sanctions in appropriate cases.

Investigation Court ordered investigations provide accurate information about an individualís legal, family situation, education, employment and health. The analysis and recommendation made in each case assists the court in making the most appropriate disposition.

Intake Juvenile matters are screened to determine if they can be diverted from Family Court action. The PINS Diversion Program is jointly implemented by Probation and Department of Social Services staff. People wanting access to the Family Court for custody or domestic violence problems can obtain the necessary documents to file a petition.

Collections Court ordered fines and surcharges as well as restitution owed to crime victims are collected and disbursed. Several local laws were established to allow for collection of fees in certain cases.

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