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ommunity Health Improvement Plan

Community Health Assessment 2014-2017

County Health Data

417 Liberty Street, Suite 2120
Penn Yan, New York 14527
Phone: 315-536-5160 or 866-212-5160
FAX: 315-536-5146
Office Hours: Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
(closed each day from 12 -1:00 PM)
Deborah Minor, RN, MPH
Director of Public Health
For after hour emergencies such as Communicable Disease or possible rabies exposure call the Yates County Sheriff's Office at
315-536-4438 and ask for Public Health On-Call.
Healthy Vision
Good eye health and vision can sometimes be taken for granted. Think of what your life might be like without good vision; not something you want to think about is it? During the month of July we observe “Eye Injury Prevention Month”. Beyond the eye diseases we might not be able to prevent, there is much we can do to protect our eye health. To learn more, go to: 

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2014 Annual Report

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Click Here to Pre-Fill Rabies Certificates for your Pets for Rabies Clinics
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2015 Clinic Schedule: 

July is National Picnic Month!
 What better time to practice food safety than when you are enjoying your meal outside with all kinds of options for picnic offerings.
• Plan what you can prepare safely away from home conveniences
• Purchase fresh foods
• Wash foods that require cleaning ahead of time
• Sanitize surfaces before and after meal prep
• Always separate fresh fruits , vegetables, and other food options from raw meats
• Follow guidelines for internal temperatures  for foods that require cooking
• Remember to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold throughout the meal
• Refrigerate leftovers  within 1 hour during hot weather
To learn more, go to:

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