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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part IX: Cemeteries in the town of Barrington



Knapp cemetery

Matthew Knapp moved to Barrington from Orange County NY so early in the 19th century that there was only one house between him and Penn Yan, and that was a tavern belonging to James Finley that once stood near the Milo line. This cemetery contains the graves of Matthew and his wife and several other family members, as well as members of some of the neighboring families.

The cemetery is by the side of the road, which is no longer a public thoroughfare. The plot is on private land owned by Matthew’s descendants; it was read by Wilfred Knapp, for many years the town historian.

The plot is sometimes called the Knapp-Hopkins Cemetery . Abraham and Naomi Hopkins’ daughter Rachel married Matthew and Mary Knapp’s son Jesse C. Knapp. The young couple lived with his parents in a large double house that once stood near where the cemetery is today.



Bignall Sally [Knapp]

1842 Dec 15

D ae 39/7/29, wife of James Bignall [& daughter of Matthew & Mary Knapp]

Darrin Leonora

1850 Sep 24

D ae 2/5/23, daughter of Ira & Eliza Darrin

Holley Sarah

1847 May l

B1770 Nov 9, died age 76/5/21

Hopkins Abraham

1857 Dec 23

D ae 63/2/18

Hopkins Naomi [Wood]

1845 Mar 10

D ae 46/7/26, wife of Abraham Hopkins

K--- M---



Knapp Elizabeth     

1845 Oct 26

D ae 67/4, wife of John Knapp

Knapp George R.

1841 May 23

D ae 6 months 23 days, son of Jesse C. & Rachel Mariah [ Hopkins ] Knapp

Knapp George W.  

1837 Sep 4

D ae 19/5/26, son of Mathew & Mary Knapp

Knapp Harry E. #

1869 Sep

D ae 4 months in Barrington [mortality schedule]

Knapp John

1834 Nov 25

D ae 55/10/25 [brother of Mathew Knapp]

Knapp Mary [Knapp]

1866 Jan 11

D ae 86/2, wife of Mathew Knapp

Knapp Mathew

1870 Jul 25

D ae 89/4 days

Knapp Olney C.

1870 Jan 16

D ae 14/6/22, son of Jesse & Rachel Knapp

Snook Submit P.

1839 Oct 17

D ae 72, wife of Coonrod Snook

Taylor Susan M.

1847 May 9

D ae 4/8/21, daughter of Francis & Lucy Taylor

U?--- J---



Wells Harriet L.

1839 Jul 20

D ae 30/6/20, wife of Milton S. Wells

Wells John K.

1835 Jan 30

D ae 8 months 12 days, son of Milton S. & Harriet L. Wells

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