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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part IX: Cemeteries in the town of Barrington


Putnam cemetery

Some years ago a gravestone was discovered on the Barrington Rifle Clubís property; it was last reported as leaning against The barn, though it can no longer now be found. The stone once marked the grave of Peter Putnam.

Though itís nearly impossible now to ascertain which of at least four men of the same name, this stone belonged to, in all probability it was that of the first who came to Barrington , from Sussex County NJ in 1812. His son Peter Jr. bought a farm on the south side of what is now Gray Road in 1820; his wife was named Margaret, and there is no record of his burial in Yates County , though itís certainly possible he moved away. Peter Sr.ís sons Victor and John also show up on local censuses early in the l9th century, and it is known that John went to Ontario , Canada some time between 1830 and 1835. Another son, David, is mentioned in the familyís land transactions.

The only Putnam to remain in Barrington later in the century was Peter G. Putnam, Peter Jr.ís son, who was married to Bridget Ellis, both of whom are buried in Hillside Cemetery in Dundee .

There is no trace remaining of the Putnam family plot, and no mention could be found in land records of its exact location on the farm, which is now, of course, private property.



Putnam Peter Sr.

1835 Oct 3

B1750s; Revolutionary War

Putnam Sarah Kinnan

1841 Nov 23

B1760s; Wife of Peter Putnam Sr.

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