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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part IX: Cemeteries in the town of Barrington



Spink cemetery

Samuel Spink came to what was then the town of Wayne in the first decade of the 19th century. He was related to other Rhode Island emigrant families, some were his cousins and bore the same surname, the others were relatives by marriage: the Vaughns, the Briggses, the Reynoldses and others. There were so many Spink families with farms along the Pre-emption Road that this was called the “Spink Neighborhood” even in Stafford Cleveland’s day, well into the 1870s.

Samuel Spink’s farm was on Lot 9, west of the Pre-emption Line. When the property was sold after his death mention was made of the family burying ground, reserving the small plot to this use. The deed says it is in the southeast part of the lot, near the large maple tree west of the barn. There is no trace of the cemetery today. Some of the family members are buried in Hillside Cemetery in Dundee . Those not otherwise accounted for are listed here, in the expectation that this was their resting place.



Spink Barbara Lindley #


B1770 in Rhode Island , wife of Samuel Spink

Spink Samuel #


B1774 in Rhode Island , died in Barrington

Spink Sarah Ann #


B1800 in Rhode Island , daughter of Samuel & Barbara Spink

Vaughn Benjamin Sr. #

1865 Dec 25

B1785 in Rhode Island , died in Barrington

Vaughn Hannah #


B1799 in Rhode Island , second wife of Benjamin Vaughn Sr.

Vaughn Ruth [Robie] #


B1788 in Rhode Island , first wife of Benjamin Vaughn Sr.

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