Buildings & Grounds


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Departmental Personnel

The Buildings and Ground staff consist of:

  • 3 Building Maintenance Mechanics
  • 1 Building Maintenance Helper
  • 1 Senior Cleaner
  • 2 Cleaners

Departmental Description & Function

The Buildings and Grounds Department oversees the maintenance, safety, cleaning and efficient operation of all facilities and equipment at County owned buildings and grounds. The Buildings and Grounds department provides support services for all departments throughout Yates County Government.

The Building Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for planning the work programs, department budgets, establishing operating standards, managing the HVAC systems and insuring that the buildings, grounds and auxiliary equipment are kept up to approved standards.


Buildings and/or grounds that this department is responsible for:

  • Courthouse
  • County Office Building
  • Public Safety Building
  • Highway Department
  • All parking lots and grounds at the County Complex and Public Safety Building