Notary Public

The County Clerk's Office maintains records of all notaries public that are licensed and commissioned in and for Yates County.

 New Notary Applications

Applications for new notaries public and test schedules are available at the County Clerk's Office.  Also available are changes of address and name cards.


Once the original license has been issued by the New York State Division of Licenses, all subsequent renewals may be processed at the County Clerk's Office.  Notary Public terms are four years with a renewal fee of $60 payable to the Yates County Clerk.

The preprinted renewal notice is mailed by the County Clerk to the notary and must be completed and signed before a qualified notary.  The renewal notice can then be mailed back to the County Clerk's Office with the appropriate fee.  Or, the renewal notice may be brought to the County Clerk's office by the applicant and signed before the County Clerk or one of the notaries public in the County Clerk's Office.

Once renewed the notary may start to use the new expiration date of commission and within approximately six weeks the New York State Division of Licenses will mail a new card to the notary public.

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