District Attorney


Our top priority is your safety. The Yates County District Attorney's Office prosecutes all levels of crimes and offenses that occur within Yates County.  Your County Prosecutors appear in our County, Town and Village Courts actively pursuing justice on behalf of our citizens in felony, misdemeanor, violation and traffic cases.

Legal Work

The legal aspects of our work range from advising law enforcement, presenting cases to the Grand Jury, advocating for appropriate case dispositions, advising and assisting crime victims and witnesses, conducting trials, preparing legal briefs, arguing appeals, and many other activities focused on ensuring that justice is served and public safety is optimized.  

Public Safety Work

Your District Attorney's Office is also actively involved in numerous multi-disciplinary teams working to address issues that impact public safety, including substance abuse, child abuse, elder abuse and domestic violence. Our in-house Director of Victim and Witness Services is an invaluable resource and support for crime victims and witnesses and can be reached by calling our office.