Emergency Preparedness

We are here because we care!  Join us in being Yates prepared!

Volunteer Opportunities

Fire & Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

There are 10 fire departments and 3 transporting ambulance corps with over 400 volunteer fire fighters in Yates County. No experience is needed to volunteer.

Fire department and ambulance corps offer various forms of membership such as Firefighting, EMS, Fire Police, Specialized Rescue or Ladies Auxiliary. All fire departments and ambulance corps offer free training.

Helpful Resources

Contact your local fire department, ambulance corps or email the Emergency Management Department

Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

Yates County Public Health Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Unit was developed to assist Yates County Public health in providing services to the citizens of our county. Membership in our MRC Unit includes both medical and non-medical volunteers who can assist our community during emergencies.

Public Health and healthcare emergencies caused by natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or disease outbreaks require a health and medical response that depends primarily on the mobilization of qualified, well-trained personnel.

MRC volunteers are needed for assistance with Points of Dispersing/Distribution (PODs), no medical experience is needed and a free training is included.

Helpful Resources

For More Information Contact Yates County Public Health at 315-536-5160.

Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

The Yates County Local Emergency Planning Committee was originally formed in 1988 and was given the task of identifying the businesses in Yates County that had to meet the Planning requirement of SARA Title III. Once this task was completed the Committee became inactive.

Hazard Mitigation Plan

Yates County Office of Emergency Management has been working on the Yates County Hazard Mitigation Plan. This plan was formally approved and adopted in 2011. The Local Emergency Planning Committee along with County and Town leaders continue to explore the Hazard Mitigation Risks in Yates County.  

Helpful Resources

All questions or comments can be referred to Brian Winslow, Emergency Manager at 315-536-3000.