Communicable Disease

Reporting a Communicable Disease

To report a communicable disease (PDF), please contact Yates County Public Health at 315-536-5160 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. After hours call 315-536-4438 and ask for the public health staff on call.


Live poultry, small turtles, and other animals can carry the Salmonella germ, even when they look clean and healthy. Every year there are Salmonella outbreaks related to petting zoos and baby poultry. Salmonella can cause severe diarrhea or GI illness in humans. This can be especially serious in children under 5 years of age, and the elderly. Make sure children wash their hands after touching animals.

Preventing Illness

If you plan to visit a petting zoo or buy baby chicks:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or hand sanitizer after touching animals. Most petting zoos have hand wash stations available.
  • Adults should supervise hand washing for young children.
  • Don't allow children to snuggle or kiss animals.
  • Don't let live poultry or equipment associated with caring for poultry inside the house, in bathrooms, or in areas where food or drink is served, such as kitchens or outdoor patios.

  1. Sara Christensen, RN, BSN

    Deputy Director

  2. Chelsea Bailey, PHN

    Communicable Disease Coordinator

  3. Public Health

    Physical Address
    417 Liberty Street
    Suite 2021
    Penn Yan, NY 14527

    Phone: 315-536-5160, 866-212-5160
    Fax: 315-536-5146
    Emergency: 315-536-4438

    Monday - Friday
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    After Hours Emergencies
    Contact the Yates County Sheriff's Department at 315-536-4438 and ask for Public Health Staff on call.