Tax Mapping

The real property mapping department provides support services to the local assessors. Its mission is to identify and quantify real property ownership to aid the assessor in valuing individual parcels.

Tax Maps

Tax maps are available for viewing either by computer display or in standard paper format. The tax maps, which were historically maintained on Mylar’s, have been converted to a digital format and are geo-referenced (parcels display relative to their real world location).

Tax maps are available for purchase in either a paper or electronic format. The digital files are available by individual municipality or county-wide in a shape file format with parcel data attached. The shape file is currently updated each year in July with final roll parcel data. Please see our buyer's agreement and fee schedule (PDF) for more detail.

Digital Ortho Photography

Yates County recently teamed with the New York State Office of Technology to produce digital ortho photography (aerial photographs). These photos are also geo referenced and can be viewed as an overlay to the digital tax maps. The digital ortho photography is available to the public either through the New York State Office of Technology website or through the Real Property Tax Office for a small reproduction fee.

County Monumentation

The mapping department also maintains records on current county monumentation. Coordinate information is available upon request.


Users of either the tax maps or the digital ortho photography are cautioned that the information provided is reference material only and should never be used for actual property boundary determination.