Animal Control

Animal Control Officer

The Dog/Animal Control Officer (ACO) position continues to be very demanding at times picking up approximately 500 dogs a year and responding to over 400 complaints annually. Being called to complaints days, nights and weekends is common.


The county dog pound building and crematorium are located at the Human Society of Yates County (HSYC). The ACO operates a Sheriff’s pick-up truck and is equipped with a police radio for contact with county dispatchers.


The ACO, is supervised both operationally and in budget administration by the Sheriff. The ACO’s spouse continues to assist the ACO in all areas, especially with the public, records and clerical. The ACO regularly assists townships and others including Deputy Sheriffs, Penn Yan Police, New York State Police, New York Environmental Conservation Police, county Public Health, Highway departments, Humane Society of Yates County and surrounding county and town agencies.


ACO also assists in the investigation of cruelty cases and animal related incidents, including those involving horses, cows, sheep, cats, raccoon, skunks and snakes. The ACO maintains various traps, cages, and specialized equipment for humanely handling dangerous or uncooperative animals.

Community Involvement

The County pound is regularly inspected by the New York State Agriculture and Markets Department and found to meet standards. The Sheriff, County and the HSYC have an understanding for the society to accept appropriate dogs from the county kennel to theirs for adoption. This programs success has meant less euthanasia and is a positive for this community.