Corrections / Jail Division

Governing the Jail

The Jail is governed by New York Correction Law oversight provided by the New York State Commission of Correction Minimum Standards. Originally, when the Jail opened in May of 1977, the maximum capacity was only forty inmates. But with renovations and expansions to the Jail over the years, the present capacity was raised to the present maximum capacity of sixty-one inmates and a pre-arraignment "lock up" with four cells for sixty-five total. 


The Yates County Jail is part of the Public Safety Building and has a  maximum capacity of sixty-one inmates with full capacity at fifty-seven due to classification standards. The design of the Jail is known  as Linear Design. This means that the inmates are placed in individual  cells with a open area in front of the cells called a Bull Pen Area.

The  Jail consists of seven cell blocks capable of housing four inmates, two  cell blocks capable of housing two inmates, four Isolation cells, a  Dormitory with the capability of housing nineteen inmates and a Trusty  Dormitory capable of housing six inmates.

The Jail houses inmates committed by a judge or justice in Yates County are housed at the Jail. The Jail also houses boarded Inmates. These inmates are male and female inmates sentenced by other counties or outside agencies such as United States Marshall Services.


Supervision of the inmates is accomplished by the Correction Officers walking through the blocks. This is done within a certain time frame throughout the day and night. Video cameras are also used for security and for supervision of inmates. Cameras are in every cellblock, hallways, the classroom and exercise areas.


Exercise is provided for the inmates seven hours a week. The inmates have an outside exercise area during good weather and an inside exercise area for inclement weather for their exercise period.

Support Services

  •  Jail Ministry - Including literacy volunteers and advocates including the jail chaplain
  •  FLACRA - Addictions counseling services
  •  BOCES - Vocational Training
  •  GED classes
  • Alcoholics Anonymous

Sheriff Badge