Correction Officer Training

All Correction Officers must successfully complete one hundred-sixty hours of training. This training is mandated and set up by the New York State Commission of Correction. Topics for this training include legal issues, inter-personnel communications, CPR-First Aid, suicide prevention and defensive tactics.

Peace Officer School

Correction Officers are also mandated to successfully complete over 150 hours of Peace Officer school. As well as a minimum of 47 hours of firearms training and deadly physical force training.

Annual Recertification

Yearly annual recertification in the Jail for Correction Officers includes:

  • Chemical Agent training
  • Suicide Prevention
  • First-aid / CPR / Defibrillator
  • Firearms Qualifications

Corrections Emergency Response Team

A Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT) is also maintained in the Jail. CERT is a group of specially trained and equipped Correction Officers. These officers handle such situations as violent inmates, inmate cell extractions, cell searches, and high-risk transports.

Sheriff Badge