Inmate Commissary

Cash Cobra KioskINMATE FUNDS:

Funds will be accepted through the mail in the form of a money order or certified bank check. All blanks on the money order must be filled out. Personal checks will not be accepted. Sending cash in the mail is highly discouraged. Funds sent in the mail may take 5-7 days before they are available to the inmate. Funds may also be deposited using the kiosk in the lobby or online at My Care Pack and selecting “smart deposits”. There is a fee charged by the kiosk company and online when making a deposit by cash or credit card. This fee is charged by the company and we have no control over it. Funds deposited by kiosk or online are available in the inmate’s account immediately.The Yates County Jail has a Commissary account set up for inmate use. Inmates may purchase items such as health care items, underclothing, food items, pens, pencils and writing materials. Money brought in with the inmates will be placed in this account.

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