The Yates County Jail is made up of thirty-four full-time Correction Officers, eleven part-time Correction Officers, three full time civilian employees and four part-time civilian employees. The staff consists of:

  • 1 Chief Corrections Officer
  • 1 Lieutenant
  • 4 Correction Sergeants
  • 28 Full-time Correction Officers
  • 12 Part-time Correction Officers
  • 3 Full-time Kitchen staff
  • 1 Part-time Kitchen staff
  • 1 Jail Physician (Part-time)
  • 1 Registered Nurse
  • 1 Jail Chaplain

Correction Officers

Correction Officers have the responsibility of maintaining the safety and security of the Jail. Officers perform tasks that include:

  • Security tours to insure accountability and inmate safety
  • Supervise inmate exercise periods
  • Supervise inmate Law Library
  • Supervise educational programs
  • Supervise distribution of inmate meals and medications
  • Transport inmates to and from courts, outside medical services, funeral visits, etc.

Kitchen Staff

The Jail has its own kitchen and staff. All inmate meals are prepared at the Jail. The jail serves 3 meals per day per New York State minimum standards at least one hot to be served in a 24 hour period.  An average of 52,000 meals is served per year.