The County Treasurer's office works in close collaboration with the Department of Finance and is responsible for the the following:


• Chief Fiscal Officer

• Property Tax Enforcement

• Town / County Tax Reconciliation

• School / County Tax Reconciliation

• Franchise & Reforested Lands Property Taxes

• Delinquent Property Tax Auction

• Estate Administration

School Tax Bills will be sent out September 1st by the area School Districts.
For questions contact:
Penn Yan CSD - Ashley Doyle 315-536-3321
Dundee CSD - Darlene Smith 607-243-5533
Marcus Whitman CSD - Dawn Wright 585-554-4848
Naples CSD - Michele Barkley 585-374-7922
Prattsburgh CSD - Roxanne Elward 607-522-6211
Geneva CSD - 315-781-4117

What happens if I haven't paid my 2023 Real Property Taxes?

If the taxes remain unpaid on November 1, 2023, we are required by law to record a "List of Delinquent Taxes" in the Office of the County Clerk. The recording of that list will create a Notice of Pendency against your parcel. Notices of delinquent properties will be published in the newspapers and on our website.

If the taxes remain unpaid on April 1, 2024, an additional charge of $150.00 for a title search will be added to the delinquent taxes and you will be required to pay the 2024 taxes before you can pay the 2022 taxes.

Please contact our office for the amount due if taxes are not yet paid. Continued failure to pay the outstanding taxes will result in the loss of the property.