Tax Acquired Property - Tax Auction

The Yates County Tax Acquired Property Auction is scheduled to be held on Thursday June 20th, 2019 at 6:00 PM in the Yates County Auditorium.  Registration and admittance will begin at 5:15 PM.  Please call our office directly with any questions regarding the auction at 315-536-5192 or e-mail

There is absolutely no representation as to the quality of title, lot size, condition or existence of improvements of any parcel to be auctioned and all persons proceed at their own risk with respect to same. Any photographs, maps, etc. are for reference only and all properties are subject to such state of facts that an instrument survey will determine. The County sells only its interest.  Any information provided by any County employee is subject to this disclaimer.

Parcels to be Auctioned

Italy - 81.03-1-19.1 - 2238 Italy Hill Road

Milo - 61.49-1-2 - Bath Road

Starkey - 120.24-1-20.1 - 23 Union Street