Yates County / USDA ReConnect Project

Project Highlights:

  1. The Yates County ReConnect Project is funded by a USDA/RUS ReConnect Grant for construction of a gigabit capable fiber optic broadband network to reach unserved/underserved premises in our County.
  2. Rural Utility Service (RUS) is an agency within the USDA that provides much-needed infrastructure or infrastructure improvements to rural communities.
  3. In March 2020, Yates County was awarded the Grant.  Yates County was the first municipality in NYS and one of the first in the nation to receive funding in this first round of the RUS ReConnect Grants.  The $14M project includes the RUS grant monies and a required 25% match from Yates County ($3,489,125).

PFSA's (Proposed Funded Service Areas)

  1. The Proposed Funded Service Area (PFSA) of the Project are the areas that were approved by RUS for build-out using the Grant monies. See the map below of the current PFSA's.  You can zoom in/out to see more detail.  The second map - ReConnect Address Points - has a point on each parcel / address within the PFSA's.  Note:  the Address Point map includes most but NOT all addresses/parcels (work in progress).
  2. There are very specific RUS definitions of what premises can and cannot be included.  
    • Unserved / underserved is defined as <10Mbps download and <1Mbps upload. 
    • It cannot be in an area that previously received Grant monies (state or federal).
    • 90% of the premises in the area must be unserved/underserved to be included. 
  3.  It is estimated that there are 1635 premises within the PFSA's.
  1. Yates County Broadband ReConnect Project Picks up Steam

    Yates County was recently awarded a USDA/RUS ReConnect Grant for construction of a gigabit capable fiber optic broadband network to reach unserved/underserved premises in our County. Read on...
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Reconnect Address Point Map

Broadband Committee

This Committee was formed when the County decided to apply for the 1st round of the USDA/RUS ReConnect Grant.  It provides guidance and oversight to the Project.  It has grown with the addition of local residents with broadband, technical and business expertise.  Current members include:

  • Nonie Flynn – Yates County Administrator
  • Dan Long – Yates County Planner
  • Tim Groth – Yates County IT Director
  • Marian Walrath – Specialist – Projects and Grants, Yates County Planning Office
  • Leslie Church – Yates County Legislator
  • Tim Cutler – Yates County Legislator
  • Rick Willson – Yates County Legislator
  • Mike Lipari – Finger Lakes Economic Development Council
  • Steve Brigham – Yates County resident -Technology / business advisor
  • Brian Gentry – Yates County resident -Technology / business advisor
  • Bob Nielsen – Yates County resident -Technology / business advisor
  • Mike O’Brien -- Yates County resident -Technology / business advisor

REPORTS to Finance Committee:

9/9/2020 /DocumentCenter/View/3934

10/6/2020 /DocumentCenter/View/3935

11/3/2020 /DocumentCenter/View/3987

12/8/2020 /DocumentCenter/View/4095

1/5/2021 /DocumentCenter/View/4397 

2/2/2021  /DocumentCenter/View/4398

3/2/2021  /DocumentCenter/View/4535

4/6/2021  /DocumentCenter/View/4536


3/2020 ReConnect Award received from USDA

9/18/2020 Request for Information (RFI) for ReConnect Broadband Business Model /DocumentCenter/View/3842

9/25/2020 Request for Proposals (RFP) ReConnect Broadband Network Engineering Design /DocumentCenter/View/3864

2/8/2021 Resolution 81-21 Authorization to sign Services Agreement with Empire Access /DocumentCenter/View/4538

4/12/2021 Resolution 175-21 Authorization to sign Engineering Contract with New York Engineering Services/DocumentCenter/View/4537


For more information or questions, contact Dan Long (dlong@yatescounty.org, 315-536-5543) or Marian Walrath (mwalrath@yatescounty.org, 315-531-3213).