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When and how will NYSDOL provide Tax form to claimants?

Later in January. Once it’s available, claimants can access the 1099G immediately on our website at www.labor.ny.gov. If they don’t have internet access, they can also request it be mailed to them, by calling the TCC telephone number (888-209-8124) and following directions.

Note: Once the 1099G is available, an option is added to the TCC IVR, that allows claimants to request mailing of this form through an automated system.

1099 coming soon message that is being played currently on TCC IVR

Please note Tax Form 1099G will not be mailed automatically. Soon you can view and print your 1099G for calendar year <2020> on our website. This form shows the total amount of unemployment benefits paid during the <2020>  calendar year. If you want your 1099G to be mailed to you, call this number again once your 1099G is available and make your request.”

When 1099G becomes available:

Please note tax form 1099G is only mailed upon request. However, you can immediately view and print your 1099G for the calendar year <2020> on our website at labor.ny.gov. To have a 1099G mailed to you, press 1 now. Otherwise, press 9 to continue to the main menu.”

Where to find additional information about the 1099G

Detailed information (including FAQs) has been added to NYSDOL’s website  https://dol.ny.gov/unemployment/1099-g-tax-form?fbclid=IwAR1H2_aM49CoCOhxQ2KJ22HhGPpg5EI7IGGGjwlnrA0r4bdqC9jHhDnWJcw

What if claimant disagrees with information on their 1099G?

The information on NYSDOL’s website includes a link to an online form that can be completed by claimants who disagree with any of the information provided on their 1099G  Request for 1099-G Review.  

Claimants can send the form back to NYSDOL via their online account, by fax or email. Once NYSDOL receives the request for review, they will review and send an amended 1099G or a letter of explanation.