The Yates County Sheriff’s Office strives to provide outstanding service to both the citizens, and to those individuals who pass through Yates County either occasionally or on a daily basis. Majority of the duties performed by our employees are considered “routine” or “part of the job.” Hence, we expect little recognition for our efforts.

There are, however, times when a deputy or employee performs their duties in a manner so appreciated by the public that they would like to say “thank you” or “job well done.”

Many times the public is not aware to whom they should speak, or where they should write to express their sentiments of appreciation. The Sheriff’s Office has created a system to provide a way the public can tell us what you think!

We do understand, however, that there maybe times when not everyone will be satisfied with the service or outcome of our work. It’s also necessary that this office be made aware of those occasions where you feel we did not perform our duties properly and/or adequately.

If you have a commendation or complaint regarding any aspect of our performance we would like to hear from you.

1 - CLICK HERE for Personnel Complaint Form or Public Compliment Form

2 - Call 315-536-4438, ask for a supervisor and explain why you are calling.

3 - Write to us:

Yates County Sheriff’s Office

Records Access Officer

227 Main Street

Penn Yan, New York 14527

General Questions can be e-mailed to [email protected]

Non-emergency questions ONLY. If this is an Emergency, dial 911.