In Yates County, firefighters and medics are volunteers.

We're here to help our community when it needs us most. We're trained and equipped to respond at a moment's notice. And we're looking for men and women of all ages to join us.

Numerous Roles: Fighting fires and caring for injury are just two of many different ways you can help. We also need vehicle operators, fire police, and auxiliary/support personnel. Some departments also have specialty teams such as rope rescue, hazmat response, dive team and water rescue.

Free Training: Bring the skills you have and learn new skills through the training and certification we provide.

Flexible Schedule: The time you commit is based on your own schedule.

Benefits: Benefits for volunteers can include:
• Tax breaks
• Health check ups
• Insurance coverage
• Scholarships
• College tuition reimbursement

Our community needs you.

To get started, call 315-536-3000 and ask for one of the following people – or email them directly.

Interested in fire service? Contact Brian Winslow at [email protected].

Interested in medical service? Contact Ryan Bailey at [email protected].

General questions? Contact Diane Caves at [email protected].

Map of Yates County showing fire departments and ambulance corps.