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An agricultural district is a geographic area which consists predominantly of viable agricultural land.  Agricultural operations within the district are afforded benefits and protections to promote the continuation of farms and the preservation of agricultural land.  The benefits include limits to local regulation, limits to publicly funded construction and eminent domain projects, and discouragement of private nuisance lawsuits. Agricultural districts are not zoning districts and are separate from the agricultural assessment program.

8-Year Agricultural District Review (General)

As instructed by New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets, the County oversees a review of the agricultural district every eight years. This review differs from the annual inclusion process in that parcel can be both included and excluded under one resolution by the County Legislature. This is an opportunity for landowners in the district to assist the County in evaluating the current status of agriculture, and to propose modifications to the district boundaries.

Note: This is the only period by which parcels can be removed from the district.

The 2023 Yates County Agricultural District #1 - 8 Year Review
Who The Yates County Legislature, in cooperation with the Yates County Planning Dept., Yates County Soil & Water, The Farmland Protection Board, Yates County Cornell Cooperative Extension, and the NYS Dept. of Agriculture & Markets will be conducting this review.
What: Yates County’s Agricultural District #1 is under a New York State Dept. of Agriculture & Markets mandatory 8-year review. 
Where: Towns of Barrington, Benton, Italy, Jerusalem, Middlesex, Milo, Potter, Starkey, Torrey, and the Villages of Dresden, Dundee, Penn Yan, & Rushville.
When: Starting July 10th, 2023 and ends August 9th 2023.
General Steps for the 8 Year Review Process
1. The County receives a notice from the NYS Dept. of Agriculture & Markets that a district review must be completed.
2. The County publishes a notice of review to municipalities, the newspaper, it's website, and notifies landowners in the district.
3. Based on the responses to the Agricultural District mailing the Farmland Protection Board prepares a report for the legislature.
4. After reviewing the report, the Farmland Protection Board prepares recommendations for proposed modifications to the Ag district boundaries to the County Legislature
5. The County Legislature holds a public hearing.
6.  Based on the results of the public hearing and the report, a resolution is put forth to the legislature to enact the modifications.
7. All materials, notices, resolutions, and maps are submitted to the New York State Dept. of Agriculture & Markets for approval.

Yates County Agricultural Plan DRAFT 7-12-23

Executive Summary Booklet

Climate Change Resiliency and Adaptation

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