Health Permits and Restaurants

The New York State Department of Health - Geneva District Office regulates restaurants in Yates County. They are responsible for the inspection of restaurants, hotels, motels and fairgrounds and issue permits for food vendors.  

Who to contact for assistance:

To discuss your concerns about restaurant safety or are in need of a food permit, please contact:
Geneva District Office
New York State Dept. of Health
624 PreEmption Road Geneva, NY 14456
New York State Department of Environmental Health

Restaurant & Food Safety 

Public Health often receives questions about restaurants and food safety. Food can cause illness in a variety of ways.  Sick food handlers, improper food storage, and failure to keep food preparations areas clean can lead to food borne illnesses. If you are concerned you became ill as a result of eating at a particular restaurant or community event, first seek medical care and contact the restaurant or event organizer. Next, contact the NYS Department of Health Geneva District Office at 315-789-3030.

Helpful Resources for Food Establishments:

(Last updated 5/17/2023)