What is the difference between bail, bonds and fines?

Bail is a court-ordered amount of money which is received by the Sheriff's Office, and then deposited with that court to secure the defendant's future court appearances. Once bail has been posted for an individual at the jail, the monies are  processed by the Civil Division and transferred to the court having  jurisdiction. Once done, we having nothing more to do with the bail.   Only the court having jurisdiction may return the bail monies to the  one-named owner listed on the bail receipt.  If you posted bail for  someone and want to revoke it, you must address this matter with the  court.  

Bail Bond is a business transaction done through a bail bondsman. It usually involves an agreement between the person posting the bond and the bondsman. Property is guaranteed in an amount to cover the bond amount set by the court, in the event the person fails to appear as required by the court. The Yates County Jail has a list of bondsmen who service this area. You may contact one of them to obtain details, costs, etc.

Fines If a court sentences someone to a fine or a period of time in jail en lieu of such fine, that fine can be paid anytime of the day by a payment method listed above under “Bail.”

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1. What is the difference between bail, bonds and fines?
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