How can I get current information for local road conditions during storms?

During inclement weather, particularly in the winter, the Sheriff’s Office will occasionally issue travel advisories or even road or lake closings by issuance of a special state of emergency as declared by the Sheriff.  Once an advisory or closing is deemed necessary, a detailed statement will be disseminated to local news media for immediate release and citizens need to tune into a local media outlet for current travel conditions.  Subsequently, please do not call the Sheriff’s Office for road and travel conditions.  Dispatchers need to keep phone lines open for disseminating this information to the media and other public service agencies.  Any significant information relating to highway and travel safety will be provided to local news media as soon as possible for their immediate release to the community.  You can also visit the New York State Department of Transportation website for road condition updates.  If you have doubts about traveling safely and your commute is not necessary, it may be best to stay off the roads.

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