What are the requirements/procedures to run for political office?

To run for political office in New York State you must be a resident, 18 years old and a US citizen. In order to have your name appear on the ballot for an office you will have to pass petitions to collect a certain number of signatures.  See minimum signature requirements in Candidates.  These minimums vary by office sought and by town.

Designating Petitions are filed for candidates who wish to run in a specific political party. These are circulated and filed in late February, March and early April each year. Independent Petitions are for candidates who wish to appear on the ballot without the support of a specific organized  political party. These Independent Petitions are circulated in April and May.  Please review the information on this web site under “Candidates” for current information and the calendar of dates. Please also review Campaign Finance then, Call the Board of Elections 315-536-5135 for more specific information. For complete petition packets, including instructions, visit the Board of Elections.


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