Is our voting system secure?

Your voting system is kept completely separate from any other digital or internet system.  It stands alone in our vault with an air gap completely around it so that no outsider can hack into it or manipulate its vote counting processes.  There are no fewer than six bipartisan verification steps and seals that prevent a partisan person from tampering with the ballot counting devices deployed to the polling sites.  Your registration data at the poll site is not communicated anywhere and resides entirely within the electronic poll books on the inspectors’ tables.  The paper ballot you are handed is blank and cannot be identified with you, the voter.  The only records kept amount to the number of ballots printed and issued and the number of ballots cast either in the machine, spoiled/destroyed because of errors by the voter, or segregated in sealed envelopes when the voter attempts to vote at a poll site other than where he or she is registered.

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