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1. How do I find out if I'm Registered to Vote
2. How do I request a Voter Registration Card
3. How do I make changes to my registration?
4. How do I request a ballot?
5. Is our voting system secure?
6. What are the requirements/procedures to run for political office?
7. What are the platforms/beliefs of the various political parties?
8. How do I get a replacement voter registration card?
9. How do I get excused from jury duty?
10. How do I know you received my voter registration application?
11. What if I move within Yates County – do I need to notify your office?
12. If I am registered in another county within New York and move to Yates County, is my voter registration automatically transferred?
13. How do I become an election Inspector?
14. Why do you send me a voter card every year?
15. What is Early Voting