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FOIL Request

  1. Yates County FOIL Request

    Request records under the Freedom of Information Act.

Highway Department

  1. Service Request Form

    Complete this form if you have a need for service from the Highway Department. If you need immediate assistance please contact us... More…


  1. Address Change Form

    In accordance with Section 23-4 (a) of the Civil Service Law, preference in appointment may be given to residents in the jurisdiction... More…

  2. Application for Veteran’s Credit
  3. Cross File Notification

    Candidates who apply for one or more examinations offered on the same date by any City, County or State Civil Service Agency located in... More…

  4. Yates Civil Service Application
  1. Application Fee Waiver Request & Certification Form

    In accordance with Civil Service Law Section 50.5(b): “…fees shall be waived for candidates who certify to the state civil service... More…

  2. Authorization for Veterans Disability Record
  3. Veterans Credit Disposition Form

Public Health

  1. Rabies Clinic Satisfaction Survey

    Rabies Clinic Satisfaction Survey

  2. Yates County, NY COVID-19 School Reporting Form
  1. Yates County Public Health Rabies Vaccination Certificate

    Rabies Vaccination certificate for owners to complete prior to attending a Rabies Clinic


  1. Personnel Complaint Form

    The policy of the Yates County Sheriff's Office is to encourage citizens to bring forth legitimate complaints regarding alleged... More…

  1. Public Compliment Form

    The Yates County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to providing the highest quality of public service to the citizens of Yates County. We... More…

Workforce Development

  1. Job Order Form

    Information provided on this form will help us understand your hiring needs and locate the most suitable candidates for you. Please... More…